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A guide to Doing Business In Nigeria
Welcome to Nigeria, one of the potential power economies of the world; Africa’s giant and West Africa’s choice destination for growth and investment. With increasing globalization, the world has become a small village where cross border investments and sustainability are the focal points of economies.
Nigeria is a country that cannot be ignored by any investor looking for long term growth.
This publication has been written to give insights to doing business in Nigeria. It covers key aspects regarding the business climate, applicable business vehicles, taxes, foreign exchange controls and immigration requirements.
This guide will give investors a high level overview of Nigeria which should hopefully lead to a more detailed and tailor-made analysis required in making informed decisions about doing business and investing in Nigeria.
Certainly, like every country, there are challenges many of which are being addressed as the Nigerian government seeks to simplify regulatory frameworks, market-friendly policies, improve the overall ease of doing business.
This guide only provides a general overview of the existing opportunities. Credible advice is at the heart of decision making. It is vital to make informed decisions that are practicable and tested in the local markets based on sound knowledge of the economic environment, political climate and legislative processes.
If you need more information, my team and I will be very delighted to assist you on an individual basis and walk with you on this journey to explore the opportunities for investments. I hope you find this information useful.