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 Unitednigeria Football Contest for Nigerian Youth 
               (UNIG Football Contest 2016) 

For any nation to develop, and be able to effectively compete on the world stage its youth and students must be well catered for, and there must be unity and peaceful co-existence amongst its citizens. Any nation that neglects its youth, and allows intolerance and disunity to grow within its borders will fail to make any meaningful progress.

"Children are the future, what you do today impacts what they will become.
If our African way of life fails the child, it fails us all"

The most important segment of a nation’s populace is the youth. Channeling significant amounts of the national resources, including time and targeted efforts, on the development of the youth and students of a nation in a bid to improve their overall quality of life, is key to a nation’s economic growth and long-term sustainability. All the same, vast amounts of resources expended on the youth will avail nothing if there is no peaceful coexistence which entails, amongst other things, political, ethnic, and religious tolerance.

"The bridge between our past achievements and the future lies in our people"

The youth and students of Nigeria have, by word and action, vigorously requested for assistance from the government to help them achieve their academic and entrepreneurial goals. Despite the numerous policies developed and attempts made to develop Nigerian youth and students, the midpoint to attaining the desired level of development is still miles ahead. Just as Nigeria is still miles away from finding, or rather, providing solutions to unemployment, violence, and problems in education due to the political, ethnic, and religious intolerance in Nigeria.

Historically, religion has been the most progressive agent of peace, love, unity, and peaceful coexistence amongst the various ethnic and social groups around the world. Although religions differ in their approaches and methodologies, they have one important commonality (especially those practiced in Nigeria); they campaign for, and preach love, unity, and peaceful coexistences amongst citizens. In recent times however, religious intolerance, alongside the twin evils of ethnic intolerance and political intolerance have formed a triumvirate of evil which is threatening to erode the fabric of Nigeria’s national unity.
The organizers of United Nigeria Football Tournament for Nigerian Students and Youth, decided that we could not afford to watch our country go down due to violence caused by political, ethnic, and religious intolerance, but would rather do all that was within our power to foster unity, peace and tolerance amongst Nigerian youth no matter their religious affiliation, ethnic origins, or political leanings.
All would agree that even avowed enemies sit together to watch football, discuss football, play football, and celebrate football stars, irrespective of their religious, political, and/or ethnic background/affiliations. Football goals (or teams or clubs) are celebrated as one – one family, one people, One Nation!
The theme for 2016’s United Nigeria Football Tournament is: Building and developing the talents of the youths and students. Speaking football as a language of Peace and Unity.

Order of Activities
The activities lined up for the United Nigeria’s Football Tournament are:
• Press Conference (to declare the United Nigeria Football Tournament open)
• Media, Publicity, and Adverts
• Sales of Forms
• Opening Ceremony
1. Younger Boys Vs Older Boys
2. APC Vs PDP (other political parties can be represented in our main match fixtures)
3. Penalty Shoot Out (taken by his royal highness Olu of igbokoda and his imperial majesty Amapetu of Mahin Kingdom manning the Goal Posts)

The United Nigeria Football Tournament will commence sometime in October, 2016. The reason for placing the kick–off of the Up Football Tournament in October, is to douse any post-election violence that might flare up in the aftermath of the elections. Elections are just like the finals of football competitions, where one side must lose and one side must win, and like football matches, elections are not do or die affairs, losers and winners alike must show a spirit of sportsmanship and a recognition of our common humanity, and work on improving the society in any way they can.

The United Nigeria Football Tournament was scheduled to help Nigerians weather the envisaged political, ethnic, and religious crises that would be a fallout of the announcement of election results. It is hoped that this tournament would help foster unity and promote peaceful-coexistence in that crucial and turbulent period, and help alleviate any ill-feelings, differences, or grievances, which the March and April polls would have exposed or engendered

Criteria for Selection:

All interested football teams ranging from teams from Junior Secondary Schools, teams from Senior Secondary Schools, teams from tertiary education institutions, teams from religious organizations’ youth group, teams from communities’ youth groups, teams from political parties’ youth groups, teams organized by NGOs etc., can pick up their registration forms on the United Nigeria website ( From the total pool of teams and clubs there would be qualifying matches from which the best 20 teams as determined from the qualifiers would play in the main tournament.

The qualifying matches will be played across venues in Ilaje, Okitipupa and Ese Odo local government areas, and unbiased officials registered by the organizers will be deployed to officiate the matches. The results from these qualifiers will be used to determine the 20 teams that will play in the finals tournaments. The draws for the tournament (for the 20 teams) will be decided during in a hall where every qualified team will have a representative, where the teams will be placed in five groups.
After the tournament there will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions.

Participating teams have a lot to gain; apart from the trophies to be won, there would be attractive cash prizes, opportunities to play international friendlies, opportunities to meet with football legends and stars, opportunities for their star players to be identified by clubs and soccer academies, and opportunities for sports related contracts (adverts etc.). The best footballer of the tournament, the highest goal scorer, and the safest hands (or best goalkeeper) of the tournament would be rewarded and presented with golden boot, and golden glove respectively, as well as other fantastic prizes, outside the Star Prize.

Rules and Regulations:

  •  Every team must register the maximum of 18 players with two goal keepers compulsory
  •  Every team must accept and understand the rules and regulations of the tournament before going ahead to apply for the form
  • The tournament is opened to teams, composed by footballers without any restrictions of age and with any skill level
  • Every team must be present before the scheduled kick off, failure to appear or lateness will cost the team a three point loss
  •  Each match won gains 3 points and each match tied gains 1 point
  •  If two or more teams obtain the sane number of positions, the order will be decided as follows, (a) goal difference (b) goal scored (c) head to head (d) less number of yellow cards

Raising Funds and Obtaining Sponsorship
and Attracting Partners:

These can be achieved through the following:

• Partnership with/Sponsorship from Government Officials and/or Government Agencies and Parastatals;

• Partnership with/Sponsorship from Multinational Corporations and Companies, Companies in the Private and Public Sectors, Telecommunications Companies, Media Organizations, Schools, Parents/Teachers Associations etc.;

• Sales of participation forms, Sales of tickets at match venues;

• Sales of our branded special VIP T-Shirts (meant for politicians and entertainment industry heavyweights) which will allow one person per T-Shirt into the venue for the Opening Ceremony. The cost of each T-Shirt is tentatively placed at 10 Thousand Naira for the moment;

• Donations from individuals, companies and corporations, and Agencies and Non-State Actors (such as UN Agencies, ECOWAS, Au etc.);