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It is said that a nation does not need to be strong; rather it only needs to be united. No doubt, one cannot divorce Unity from development. An African proverb says “a broom is more difficult to break when it is bound together”. The peaceful coexistence of Nigerians in Nigeria is the only key towards the desired economic, political and social emancipation of all within the Nation.

All Nigerians (home and abroad) complains of the slow pace of development, the failure of economic sectors, the absence of social welfare packages, lack of policy and political sagacity, the daily dying of the economy, and lot of vices being experienced by all and sundry. Some have decided to leave home, and adopt a refugee status in Europe and other Continents. To them, Nigeria cannot change; things are getting worse every day. They will rather be legal and illegal immigrants in foreign land rather than return home. They forgot that armchair criticism does not contribute to development in a nation.

The truth is that Nigeria is not as bad as it is being painted today. Yes we have issues, just as every other nation in the earth do. This issues being encountered has made Nigeria a great Nation in Africa. A Nation feared and respected by the World; A pace settler of economic, political and social development for other African Nations. A Nation with passion that has restored peace and tranquility to troubled sisters Nations in Africa, setting pace in democratic practice, by putting Unity ahead of “power quest”.

Nigeria is blessed in all facets. Politically, Nigeria is setting unprecedented pace for other Nations to emulate in the practice of people oriented democracy. We have all kinds of Mineral resources, well trained and qualified man power in abundance needed for every sector in. The envy of Great Nations that is what Nigeria is.

But in spite of how great Nigeria is, and how greater the Nation should have become over these years of political independence; we are still where we were in terms of general development. While we liberate other Nations with our economic resources, ours remained in pain and the citizens remained in penury. Our pace of development is being retard by us that should push for advancement. The hatred we have for ourselves is growing every day, and is conspicuous in every sector. We place emphasis on the diversity among us, instead of the uniting factors within us. THE DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT THE UNITY OF NIGERIANS. Our unity is the only force that will bind enduring emancipation from self inflicted poverty.


The negative impact of disunity among Nigerians in Nigeria is enormous. This colossal abnormalities as it were has retard Nigeria in all facets. A great Nation in Africa is being subjected to pity and mockery. Those we fed, liberated politically have become our equals. Those that feared when Nigeria snore, now call us “barking toothless dog”. One wonders why Nigeria fell away from such grace. But the answer is under our very nose. Our disagreement sold us out cheap to them.

On every side, most Nigerians have refused to see the need for total National Unity. For that the greatness of American, is their unity. The various regions had resulted to creating militants groups and ethnic factions to disrupt the Peace, Unity and Progress of the Nation.

The Boko Haram menace in the North wasted lives and properties for more than eight (8) years. They were Nigerians who took up the devil labour of killing fellow citizens; leading to the creation of IDP camps in a region that was once a safe haven for all and sundry. Also within Northern Nigeria, religion is being exploited as a cause for the wanton destruction of lives and properties. The nefarious people, who engage in this religious mayhem, take advantage of the differences among the people in their religious belief to cause fear, panic and tension. At the end, infrastructure development suffers the blow. The available infrastructures are burnt to zero level and lives are wasted. And poverty continued to increase unabated.

In the South, Niger Delta Militants are constantly blowing up pipe lines, “to get back at Buhari” so some people assert. Their communities are being made uninhabitable from the wastage of the Oil pipes being blown up by bombs, thereby destroying available infrastructure within Nigeria as well. Oil firms are afraid to invest, the economy of the Nation is suffering and electricity has gone below normal production, putting business and fellow citizens to darkness abyss.

In the Eastern part of Nigeria, is a very sorry tale. Destruction of lives and properties has becomes the order of the day. There has been increase in the call for succession. The unity and freedom of Nigeria which the Great DR. Nnamdi Azikiwe fought for and lived for, is being undermined.

In the Western region, the tale is not different from other regions aforementioned. Crises of region, ethnic, and who own Lagos State markets among the various ethnic traders. In the Middle Belt and in most States of the federation, life has become a “sleep with one eye open,” syndrome. The Fulani herdsmen have chase people out of their very homes. They have become another kind of Boko Haram tormenting Nigerians, destroying infrastructures and wasting lives.

On the larger scale, the issue of economic disunity is worsening every day. MADE IN NIGERIA GOODS AND SERVICE no longer appease to Nigerian. As long as it is written MADE IN NIGERIA, some people consider such goods be fake, and below their standard. It is ridiculous have a Nation will deliberately rejects his own in acceptance of others. The growing Xenocentrism of Nigerians is baffling. Yet we complain of Nigeria naira (NGN) to ($) Dollar unequal Exchange Rate. all the Mineral resources with blessed with, continued to fade away, while the economy bleeds to death.

These fights within us, the hatred of our products and service has contributed more to Nigeria being retard in development. The impacts are really dawning on everyone. The unrest from every side will keep our nation at center of nowhere. The “we nor go gree” mentality has continued to retard development across the broad spectrum. Poverty has increased, unemployment has doubled, IDP’s camps are being created, lives engaged in agriculture in Borno State are being lost, and food shortages are waxing stronger. Hospitals have no light to function; because Gas Planets are being blown up every day by so called Niger Delta Avengers.

We nor go gree ooo yet, we are living together as ONE NATION UNDER GOD, willingly de-developing ourselves out of resolvable grievances, and ignoring our salient sector we once engaged in feeding Nations from our leftovers.


Nigerians all over the world seek a better and developed Nation to return to, a Nation free from religious, political; social and economic crises. They seek freedom from economic and social hardship, freedom of religious worship and freedom to live in any part of the country without fear of losing their lives and property to attacks emanating from religious and ethnic war that we have refused to yield and embrace peace.

This goes beyond mere wishing and dreaming. It transcends sitting in the front of your laptop abroad and complain of how bad things are at home. You have to contribute in the battle towards saving the soul of Nigeria and seeing it to be the Nation you desire.

As for Nigerians in Nigeria, we feel the heat more; we know which wood to push inside to join the others so that our pot of water of unity will boil. It goes beyond calling names and abusing your leaders. Yes it is true that our political leaders are most times negative in policies, but however, the bulk of seeing ourselves as Nigerians who have the sole mandate to build Nigeria rest on us.

To join this quest of a BETTER NIGERIA FOR ALL NIGERIANS, we have decided to create this great platform, so we can get to know each other, resolve our differences, and enjoy the beauty of unity in diversity. We have decided to Build Unitednigeria to connect all Nigerians in joining hands to LIFT OUR NATION UP, promote Unity, Peace and Progress which will engender economy growth and cause rapid development.

Unitednigeria is a Social Media Platform, through which all Nigerians who see beyond present problems confronting Nigeria and believes that in spite of the tensions arousing among us, we are stronger together. We are here to reorient Nigerians to look beyond our diversity and focus on uniting factors.

Letting Nigerians know that they should all forsake the mindset of mono-economy of Oil and look inward on Agricultural prowess that kept the various regions before the discovering of Oil in commercial production. Through this medium, we wish to reorient the propensity and penchant for the consumption of foreign goods and services in neglect of our locally produced goods and service.

It is shame that Tom Dick and Harry complains of unemployment and increased in Dollar ($) to Naira (NGN) rate, whereas they have totally neglected MADE IN NIGERIA GOODS. A market woman, who sells Tomato and Garri, will rather go for foreign soap and cream and reject MADE IN NIGERIA GOODS.

We believe Nigeria can be great again; it will only require all of us to put our hands on deck to push Nigeria forward. Our Unity is the only key to development. We must see beyond our State of origin and promote our Nigeria to greater height. Join us on this platform to rebuild Nigeria and reposition her for greater height.

Register with today, and be a force in making Nigeria great again. We are united in White (PEACE) and will march forward in (GREEN). Together, Nigeria shall be great again in unity again.

Written by a Unitednigerian

Onyibe C. Charles